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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winter In Wartime World War II Foreign Film Review

Winter In Wartime is a 2008 foreign war film. In the last months of German occupation, a British Royal Airforce pilot is shot down and a young dutch boy decides to help. 

The film has some interesting interplay in this, I suppose you'd say, coming of age film. The boy must balance his aid of the pilot with his relationship with his neutral father and his uncle who does not want him involved with the war.

I enjoyed the film for the most part but did find it predictable.  There is a twist in the film that only novice film watchers,  likely those about the boy's age in the film, would miss.  The final scene, while somewhat suspenseful is very predictable and closes too neatly.

I can't say for sure the state of the German army in the closing months before a crushing defeat by the Russians, but this film sure makes it look good to be a German soldier even in a losing war.  The army looks young, well clothed, well fed, good morale and well supplied.  Seems like a flaw in the film.

It is not a bad film at all, just a little too tidy and easy to figure out. It made me feel like I'd see this all before somewhere else.

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