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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blue Crush Surfing Movie Review

Blue Crush is a surfer movie staring Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez.

Blue Crush is about 3 girls who have a passion for surfing. They live paycheck to paycheck in Hawaii surfing every moment they are not working as maids at a local hotel.  Kate Bosworth plays Anne Marie, who, of course, falls for a pro football player on vacation. Anne Marie's relationship with the pro football player takes away from her preparation time for the big pro surfer pipeline tournament, which Michelle Rodriquez, the less talented surfer, resents.

Sound pretty cliche? Well, I suppose it is. This is a pretty lighthearted film that isn't particularly unique as far as surfing films go.  The girls work hard in blue collar jobs but they still manage to somehow rent a low rent home that is, conveniently enough, located right on a gorgeous beach. If poverty were only so nice we'd all be living in 'squalor' in a tropical resort.

The acting by Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez is not particularly impressive, the men and women in the film are not particularly sexy, the surfing scenes will not help novices understand the sport, nor will the surfing scenes give experienced surfers something to think about.  Actually, there is a lot of falling down going on in the surfing scenes. At one point I wondered if the point of surfing is to actually get on a wave or simply remain under them.

The 2002 sound track really dates this film. Shame because otherwise I would have found it to be a little more of a timeless film.

Oh, yeah.... the film felt about 15 minutes too long as well

Believe it or not, I did not hate this film.  The film certainly is easy to watch. Little suspense, light drama and even the brief fight scene between the pro football player and a resentful local did not end up as a blood feud or anything particularly disturbing.

This is easy to watch and a way to pass the time if you are in the mood for a surfing flick. It is no Endless Summer or even North Shore for that matter but it can't hurt to watch it if there's nothing better on.

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