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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ever Since The World Ended Movie Review - End Of Human Race ?

"Ever Since the World Ended "  is set in San Francisco, California about 10 years after pandemic nearly extinguishes the entire human race.  One of the survivors decides to make a film where he interviews various citizens who remain in the Bay area. His film focuses on their feeling about the mass extinction and how they have coped ever since.

"Ever Since the World Ended "  was brilliant.  I haven't stopped thinking this thought provoking movie.  To watch this film with a group of friends and not engage in a conversation about how things would be after a pandemic would be impossible.   "Ever Since the World Ended" is completely plausible and any one of the characters in the film could easily be you. Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean. It is completely devoid of the Zombies and other sci-fi horrors found in other end of the world movies that make them so intangible.

If I had to make a negative comment, I probably would have liked to see some  street shots of San Francisco. It would have helped emphasize the loss of life with the eerily empty streets. I do understand however, that this is a low budget film (though it doesn't feel like one) and clearing the "real world" city streets of life just to shoot a film is expensive.  If anything, that fact that the film is largely shot it closed spaces really helps you focus on the story of the survivors and what it all means, which is what the film is about anyway.

Be sure to pay attention to the wonderful juxtaposition of attitudes between the adult and adolescent population. I found that part most intriguing.

 Excellent film.


1 hr 18 minute 

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