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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Somewhere Movie Review - Director Sofia Coppola

"Somewhere" starts Stephen Dorff as a popular and famous actor who lives an eternally empty life.  There is nothing he seems to enjoy.  The world panders to him. He lives in luxurious hotels He has sex with all the beautiful women. He takes drugs and drinks all he wants. Yet, he seems to feel nothing.

When his daughter, played by Ella Fanning, arrives, he seems to find some purpose. He enjoys her brief stay and begins feel emotion.

Sofia Coppola's film is interesting not for what it does, but for what it doesn't.  There is no real tension in the film. While Dorff's character is not a drunk, he never loses control. His daughter shows up unexpectedly but he has not resentment.  While he is not the model father, he isn't a bad one either. He's quite loving toward his daughter.

There are no suspenseful moments. The film is just a journey where the ending is not important. Is this an existential romp or a psychological one? There is no right answer and it doesn't matter.

I was a bit frustrated with the film's slow pace and long scenes but it in the end I realized it was terrific. This is a film that uses no cliche (with the exception of Dorff's unshaven look with whiskers that never seem to get longer or shorter.... how do guys do that?). There are no tricks or twists to the film. You are simply following a man's empty life.

Check the movie Somewhere sometime.


Rated R

1hr 38 min

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