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Thursday, August 4, 2011

JFK Assasination Mockumentary Interview With The Assassin

Interview With The Assassin is a mockumentary that is about a laid off television cameraman who has the opportunity to interview the 'grassy knoll' assassin who shot John F. Kennedy.

This movie is not another Oliver Stone JFK. JFK represented itself more or less as fact even though its 'facts' are loosely based. Interview With The Assassin is a fictitious movie that doesn't pretend to be anything except a gripping film.

Raymond J Barry is by far the star of this film.  He plays, Walter Ohlinger, the assassin confessing his story to Ron Kobeleski, the camera man.  Barry plays the part with searing intensity that does not feel contrived. His character can be downright scary at times.

The directing and writing are pretty solid. Throughout the film you are not sure if Ohlinger is telling the truth or not.  As the characters look for the one guy who can prove the story, strange things happen to both Ohlinger and Kobeleski that further the mystery.  Are people really following them or just paranoia?

Watch the film. You won't be able to take your eyes off the screen.

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