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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of Gods and Men Monks Meet Terrorist Film Review

Of Gods and Men is an intriguing true story of a Trappist monk monastery set in an Algerian village.

Knowing they are going to be overrun by terrorists, the Trappist monks must decide to stay or fleet their monastery and village it serves with charity and medicine.

The film dialog is in French.

I loved this film. It has a slow pace that does not feel boring at all. A large part of the film immerses itself into the daily lives of a Trappist monk.  They devoutly serve their god and the village they live in. Their lives are filled with exhaustive, contemplative, tedious daily chores. These rituals dominate the film and are somehow interesting to watch.  I felt like I really learned something about Trappist monks after watching Of Gods and Men.

The film also delivers some interesting lessons on peaceful co-existence that does not feel controversial, judgmental or forced upon the viewer. 

Check it out.

Rated PG 13

2 hours and 3 minutes

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