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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lebanon - Das Boat in a Tank

This 2009 film I once heard described as "Das Boat" in a tank. The remarkable part about this film is that the entire film is shot from a view within a tank.  It is also its downfall.  .  I was intrigued by the film and enjoyed it overall, but confines of the space also seemed to confine the ability of the film to develop.

Maybe, though, this lack of development is the point. Instead of a complex film, perhaps the film was intended as simply a shallow, myopic view of war..... much like a tank crew would experience..

In many ways, I felt the film could be adapted into a play or even should have been one instead of a movie. 

My recommendation is to check it out sometime but don't expect too much.  I think you'll like it, just not if you were expecting a masterpiece.

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