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Monday, August 29, 2011

Exit Through The Gift Shop Movie DVD Review

What a terrific documentary. Runner up in 2011 for a best documentary Oscar, this film documents street art. Street art is in essence, illegal graffiti.  The film does a tremendous job of showing the stealth and beauty of this art, as well as the fascinating, eccentric subculture that participates.

"Exit Through the Gift Shop" pulls you right into the film. The film is not judgmental at all. If anything, the film embraces this style of art. It is as if you are stealing the night with the artists themselves. Best of all, these artist are not just simple punks spraying profanity on the walls, they are truly making very profound and prolific art.  

Definitely see this film.  I thought I would be bored or perhaps angry at the film. I felt no negative emotion, although it did at times make me question authenticity or, better stated, sanity of the art world. But isn't that what art is all about? 

Check it out.

Another terrific art documentary is Art of The Steal about the 'theft' of the Albert Barnes, Barnes Foundation art collection. Check out my review here

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