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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Patton Oswalt Kevin Corrigan Big Fan Film Review

The film Big Fan is about a thirty five year old man, obsessed with the New York Giants and still living with his mother.  The man is beat up by the Giants' player he idolizes and it changes the course of his life.

Patton Oswalt, you may know him as a stand up comedian when he's not acting, does a decent job in a film that I didn't find all that funny. There are some funny moments, like a terrific part where his fed up mother rips him while driving in the car, but nothing that really had me roaring.

The ending of the film, I must say, was a bit unexpected so kudos on that, but otherwise the Big Fan depends too much on New York stereotypes and the same old mid-thirties and living at home family-son struggles that you've seen over and over.


Rated R

88 Minutes

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