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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Go Lucky Mike Leigh Film Movie Review

I saw the movie "Another Year" by Mike Leigh and fell in love with the film. I simply had to watch another film by Leigh.  "Happy Go Lucky" was my next choice.

Happy go lucky stars Sally Hawkins as Poppy, an infinitely cheerful, bubbly 30 year old woman. The film follows her through her daily routine of taking classes, teaching classes, partying with friends and meeting strangers.

Sally Hawkins is simply perfect as the high energy poppy. Her performance wore me out (in a good way) with her over abundant happy-go-lucky enthusiasm for life.

Another perfect performance is rendered by Eddie Marsan. Marsan plays, Scott. Scott is the most negative, maniacal, crazed driving instructor you could ever hope to never meet.  Poppy takes driving lessons from Scott and the scenes are somehow both disturbing and hilarious.

The films pace and background music are classic Mike Leigh. Leigh's films are so beautiful because they take their time and really lets the audience become absorbed in the characters.

I also thought the film had a wonderful twist in the crecendo moment where Poppy and Scott have a conflict toward the end of the film.  Feel free to comment. Was Scott right or just crazy?  I hope he was right as it adds a terrific unexpected revelation that ripples throughout the whole film.

Check it out.

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