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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The War Game - What Happens After Nuculear War - Movie Review

What happens after a limited nuclear war?  What kinds of social changes are there? How many people die? How will the survivors suffer? What can trigger such a war?

The film "The War Game" is a 1965 mockumentary that attempts to answer those questions. Filmed as a mockumentary, The War Game takes a look at the town of Kent, England, which is hit by a Russian Nuclear missle.

This film was banned by the BBC for being too horrifying for British television, then it went on to win Best Documentary.

The War Game It shows the effects of a nuclear shootout and gradual degradation of society over the course of a few weeks after a nuclear strike.  The most fascinating part of the film is how it graphically portrays the effect of the nuclear blast up to a 60 mile radius from ground zero.  The instant retina burning flash, the spontaneous burning of flesh, the severe shock waves that follow the first blast, the 100 mile and hour winds created by, of all things, the intense fires in the towns and cities.  Very eerie.

The film has an appearance of a nightmare filmed in an 'old fashioned' newsreel program It is a black and white film, shot mockumentary style by a camera man (who you never see) with one camera. An unflinching, steady, voice over provides narration for the film.

The film really takes some big chances that I didn't think would go over well in 1965, if ever. The film more or less blames the United States for the first-strike that instigates the limited nuclear war that causes the most harm to England. Pretty bold considering it would be much easier to blame The Soviet Union or communist China than British ally The United States.

The War Game also takes some interesting shots at the Catholic church, portraying the church as ignorant and misguided yet insistent on giving their opinion on nuclear war.

The movie is only about 45 minutes long. If you have a chance to see it, check it out.

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