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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Night ( on Earth ) Sandra Oh Movie Review

Ever wonder what the final hours on Earth would be like if everyone knew the world was going to be destroyed?  The movie "Last Night" takes a crack at that very question.
Last Night is a 1998 film starring Sandra Oh.  It also costars Don McKellar. McKellar is also credited for writing and directing the film.  Last Night is set in a Canadian city where everyone has long known that the world is going to end soon at an exact date and time.  You never really know exactly what is causing the world to end but you get the impression, whatever it is, it is pretty hot out all the time and it never gets dark any more.

There are six hours left before the Earth is destroyed and a very diverse bunch of characters cross paths each of who have their own distinct and determined idea of how to spend their last six hours on Earth.

The film has a very deep, dark humor throughout with much irony.  This film is not at all a laugh a minute film but it is not a particularly depressing film either.  The characters don't show any particular melodramatic dread that their end is near. They just stay committed to their final plans.

The acting is pretty low key and effective.  Sandra Oh shows terrific, wryly funny, anguish and frustration at her often thwarted plans to spend her final hours with her husband.  Don McKellar does a decent, understated, acting job himself though I didn't feel as though his character posed any tremendous challenge.

The direction and writing (by McKellar) was excellent and took the movie on a course that I didn't expect.  I loved how he has the world, in its final hours, being rather blasé  toward the world's end.  Sure, there is some danger and chaos in the streets but the film isn't a free for all of suffering and panic. This is a relief and shows that McKellar takes some low key but effective risks in the script.     A great job on the setting.  The Canadian city is wonderfully empty, eerie and calm, yet you know things are not quite right or even safe for that matter.  
This is not the greatest end of the world film ever (and I've been watching a bunch lately) but it does a good job of putting a new twist on the 'world-is-ending' genre.

Rated R
2 hour

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