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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Threads Movie Review - Life After Nuclear War

What is life like after nuclear war? The British movie "Threads" takes a very somber look at this very question.

Threads was produced for television in England in 1984.

In the film, NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact forces badly underestimate each others willingness to engage in nuclear conflict. The buildup to nuclear conflict can be heard through numerous television and radio broadcasts.  During this time British authorities make civil defense preparations in hopes of saving as many people and resources as possible. The two side engage in conventional warfare. Eventually conventional conflict ceases and nuclear war begins. The movie follows the surviving characters up to 13 years past the nuclear exchange.

If you ever saw the American-made nuclear holocaust film, "The Day After" you'll only have the slightest idea of the power of the movie "Threads". Threads makes The Day After look like a lighthearted film.  I know nothing of ICBM's and nuclear air bursts but after watching Threads I feel as though I have a very good idea of what traumatic horrors to expect during, and after a nuclear conflict.

The feel of the movie is bleak and somber.The mood of the film is directed perfectly. You feel the horror of war at its worst without all the melodrama and heroism so often built into films. The horror never lets up as the atmosphere is heavy both in psychological despair and suffering. The devastation is absolutely complete and leaves nothing to spare. No buildings, no food, no friendships, no piece of mind.  The atmosphere of each scene is as wonderfully heavy as the rubble of the cities.

The film is not perfect. There are some faults. In one scene parents forget their child is playing outside when they know the bomb is coming.Wouldn't that be the first thing you'd worry about? 

Another flaw is late in the film. To paint a picture, everything is rubble and without hope. Humans are so consumed with survival nothing has been rebuilt. So.... why are there still some electric lamps working?  Do light bulbs really last that long?

That said, Threads is by far the most powerful nuclear war film I have seen yet.  In spite of its flaws, the movie is really impressed me with all the details it contained regarding the speculation as to what would happen after such a battle and how fragile society is.

This is a disturbing film that very much impressed me.

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