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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Secret In Their Eyes - Foreign Police Mystery Movie Review

Slick, Smart, Argentine murder mystery movie.  The Secret in their Eyes is subtitled foreign film set in Argentina about a crime investigator that becomes obsessed with solving the murder of a young newlywed woman who is brutally raped and murdered.

The old murder movie mystery theme might sound overdone and cliche, but The Secret in Their Eyes is really intelligently written, directed and acted.

There is a lot going on in this film which keeps every scene fresh and lively.  The movie is police thriller without overdone action at every turn; It is a romance that can not be fulfilled; The scenes have the character of an well shot art film, without being too artsy; There are twists and turns that keep surprising but not confusing.

The characters are wonderfully flawed and vulnerable.  Each character clearly has a jaded past, but not exactly corrupt or horrible. The characters have lived long lives and, like so many, bear the weight of life's experiences.

This is a film that is hard to define. Juan José Campanella writes and directs in a style that almost has an Alfred Hitchcock style to it. The twist in the end is terrific.

There are some disturbing scenes but these moments are not fatuous and fit the film well and drive the plot.

The Secret in their Eyes won Best Foreign Language Film.  It deserved it.


Rated R

129 Minutes

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