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Monday, June 27, 2011

True Grit Jeff Bridges Matt Damon Movie Review

I have never seen the original film starring John Wayne. With that in mind, I have to think that Jeff Bridges' performance in True Grit would make The Duke proud.

True Grit is the classic eye-for-an-eye western.  A young girl's father is killed and she sets out for revenge by hiring a gritty US Marshal to track him down.

If you saw the movie Crazy Heart, a tremendous effort by Bridges, you'll know the performance. A flawed, out of shape, sloppy, grizzled, cowboy, worn down by the years looking for the next gig that doesn't promise much else but another meal ticket. Bridges is simply terrific and, I might add, virtually unrecognizable in the film.

Matt Damon does a nice job too as the not so nice Texas Ranger who reluctantly partners up to catch the bad guys.

The Coen brothers dialog is just great.  Very gritty but also  poetic. The exchanges between the characters feel so raw and genuine yet every line is virtually quotatable. You'll love the abusive exchanges between Damon and Bridges. Their biting words show they have a history that is not all friendly.

I was pleasantly surprised too when the bad guys finally show up.  Sure, you know they are rotten but there isn't that over the top sinister contrived black-hat disposition that can so easily be over played in a Western film.

There is nothing wry or quirky in this film, which is shocking for a Coen brother's film.  The Coen brothers stepped out of their own skin to make this a true Western film and created a masterpiece.

Check it out.


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