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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Revanche - Austrian Gotz Spielmann Movie Review

Tamara (Irina Potapenko) walks the streets and Alex (Johannes Krisch) is an underemployed ex-convict working as an assistant in a seedy business. They are in love, live in a bad section of Vienna and looking to improve their lives.
Eventually the two encounter a country policeman (Andres Lust) and his wife (Ursula Strauss) which impacts the lives of all of the parties involved.

Revanche is passionate, dark, brooding, talky and disturbing at times. The thing I enjoyed the most about this film was its slow pace. The entire film seems to move in real time (albeit over the course of a few days) and this really lets you dig in to these complex characters in a way that a faster paced film might not be able to do.

At times I thought some of the parts were a bit too convenient or contrived but over all the subtly of the film not only saves it but makes it a terrific film. Not 'terrific' in that when you get done watching it you'll be like "Wow, what a great flick!" Actually, many of you when the film ends will be like "Whaa?" but film is terrific in that it sticks with you. As subtle as it is, I found it stuck with me a while in my thoughts.

I don't generally give away parts in a film and won't here but if it helps you to focus on some cool parts (and hopefully realize they are cool), here are some thoughts I had:

1. Pay close attention to Alex and the Policeman's final scene in the park. They have a beautiful and cathartic debate without ever realizing they were debating each other.

2. Watch it to the end and think about the ending. Revanche means "Revenge" in English. You might wonder where the revenge is in the film? You might not, but if you are wondering, think about it and it will come to you. The revenge is the product of a relationship between characters. The relationship might seem to have come about too easily or too forced but overall it makes for a rather imaginative way to end the film. Imaginative in a subtle, understated way.

Check it out.


Not Rated (nudity)

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