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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unstoppable Denzel Washington Movie Review

If you like trains, you'll probably enjoy the movie Unstoppable.  I have never worked for the railroad but I have always had a secret affinity for trains and find Hollywood woefully lacking in train films that actually look at the day to day functions of a modern day railroader.

Not that Unstoppable is an ode to railroading but it does at least talk about the workings of a train and what the responsibilities of a locomotive engineer and a freight train conductor are. Things that other train films merely glaze over.

Unstoppable features gritty Pittsburgh rail yards and working class towns amid beautiful scenery threatened by a lethal runaway train

Denzel Washington was excellent as the jaded, veteran railroad working alongside a rookie freight conductor played by Chris Pine.

As with most action stories based on "true events", this story is a gross exaggeration of the real life events.  It also has all of the usual formulas with evil business executives, reluctant regular guy heroes, and estranged families brought together by tragedy and mended by heroics of the characters.

I could complain more but honestly, it all works.  The Denzel Washington and Chris Pine make do a nice job of acting in a genre that often obliterates the efforts of the actors with overwhelming special effects.

All of the stunts in the film were very believable. There is no Rambo jumping off a cliff and surviving. The impossible scenes result in tragedy and the 'merely' difficult ones are thought out rationally and completed convincingly much as I would expect from the real-world.

This is a film that follows much of the same formula but it never feels contrived or forced.  There is no melodrama, excessive violence and everyone keeps their shirts on.

If you are looking for something just a notch or two above the usual action film check it out.

Rated PG-13

1hr and 38 minutes


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