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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Wildest Dream - A Climbing Film To Find Mallory Movie Review

 The Wildest dream is a 2010 climbing documentary movie that centers around one climber's obsession with determining if George Mallory actually reached the summit of Mount Everest

The movie begins with Conrad Anker discovering George Mallory's body on Mount Everest.  Mallory's body is found in an area that suggests he may have reached the summit and died descending the mountain.

Anker decides to investigate if Mallory could have possibly reached the summit but attempting a summit of his own.

The movie is wonderfully shot.  The scenery is gorgeous and it is hard to believe that he and his partner had a camera crew with them throughout the experience.

The film is a wonderful telling of George Mallory's story.  The footage and photographs of his life are wonderfully preserved and displayed well in this film.  Childhood to World War One to life of a climber, his story is fascinating.

The telling of Mallory's romantic personal life as father as husband was beautiful as well.  Mallory's love for his children and intense romance with his wife will make even the happiest family man envy Mallory's life inspite if it being cut so short by tragedy.

As with most great climbing films, the film emphasizes the mental and physical challenges climbers must face (brain swelling, sickness, lack of oxygen, injury, cold, just to name a few) while climbing such high altitudes.  You are left with a true appreciation of the sport and the extreme hardships faced by Mallory's expedition as well as Anker's.

To prove if Mallory made it to Everest's summit or failed, Conrad Anker said he would climb the mountain using the same clothing and gear that Mallory used. He has these garments specially made to match the exact original 1924 clothing and shoes.  He also refuses to use a ladder that is permanently bolted to a very small but difficult section of Mt Everest. Instead he has it unbolted and attempts that section without it.

I did feel that the movie missed it's point on proving whether or not Mallory could have made the summit.  I won't give away the answer.  My biggest problem with the experiment is that Ankur only wears the same type of clothing Malloy wore for a small portion of the climb before switching to modern gear.  I can't blame Anker for removing Mallory's clothes. Wearing Mallory's clothing for just one day resulted in Anker and  his climbing partner having numb feet and much discomfort thawing them out. Had they worn Mallory's clothes for days at a time,  I think things would have been too treacherous for Anker.

I could say more, but I don't want to give things away, plus I'd still like you to see the movie. If you like mountaineering films, you'll enjoy this one,not just for the history and scenery but for the true test of will and adventure of it. all.  

The movie was fun to watch and the only time I looked at the clock was when I hoped the movie would end later rather than sooner.  

94 Minutes
Rated PG

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