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Monday, September 29, 2014

300 Rise of An Empire Movie Review

So for those of you who saw the Zak Snyder written and directed “300” the fantasy war film about the famous Spartan last stand at Thermopylae, I can say for sure if you’ll enjoy “300 Rise of an Empire” or not. Zak Snyder leaves the directing to Noam Morrow and instead produces (and does the screenplay) to “300 Rise of an Empire” but the result is pretty much the same…

If you enjoyed 300, you’ll enjoy this film too. The effects, violence, pace, ripped muscle, and acting of the film for better or worse are on par with the follow up “300 Rise of an Empire”    If you’ve seen 300 then you know exactly what you are getting into with this film.

I enjoyed “300” and enjoyed this film too.  One refreshing an unexpected not to Rise was the film not only is written entirely from the Athenian perspective, it also is willing to take a few negative shots that the Spartan lifestyle and their willingness to fight.  It was good to see another perspective after watching the overwhelmingly pro Spartan 300.

Look if you hated “300” … good God man, stay away from this movie.

Which film is better?  Probably “300” by a nose. The star  power of Gerald Butler gave 300 a boost but still more than worth watching Rise if you are a fan of this genre.


Hockey violence your thing?  ....  Maybe This Film is Too

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