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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goon - Pro Hockey Enforcer Fight Movie

Doug Glatt (Shawn William Scott) is hired into an unlikely hockey career because he can fight.  A "Goon" in hockey is a player whose main job is to intimidate, and beat up, other teams.  Doug is hired as a goon.

Shawn William Scott plays a dead-pan dopey yet likable brute in Glatt.  This might not be a break out role for Scott but he does well in a comic-violent role that can be hard to pull off.

My favorite surprise in the film was Liev Schieber.  He plays Ross Rhea, a veteran Goon,  playing his last year in hockey.  He's I guess what you'd call 'the bad guy' in the film but he plays the role with smooth, brutal, brooding dignity that was hard to not admire and even respect in a character like Rhea.

In many ways Goon is an updated version of the Paul Newman hockey cult classic "Slap Shot" and Glatt is all three of Slap Shot's Hansen brothers combined.

If you like sports movies, drool during hockey fights, enjoy quirky comedies, and don't become sick at the sight of blood (the violence at times is a little too gratuitous, albeit intentionally so)  you are going to think Goon is a decent movie.   

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