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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Intouchables - Rich Paralyized Man Befriends Criminal Caretaker

An ultra-wealthy, aristocratic, Frenchman (Monsieur Philippe played by François Cluzet) is surrounded by uber-decadent furniture, a mansion home, cars, and personal staff needs a caretaker (he has plenty but apparently he needs one more). He’s a quadriplegic who needs 24 hour care. The hiring process begins. After many dopey interviewees are rejected, a poor, French, African ex-convict barges into the interview. He is Driss (played by Omar Sy) He speaks to the stuffy staff rudely in a sort of I don’t care how rich you are attitude and leaves.

Of course, he gets hired. Over the course of the movie his street-smart approach both lifts the spirits of the staff while tempering their snobby attitude. Same goes for the man he cares for.

We’ve all seen this film a million times before under different guises but the idea stays the same (The Blind Side, Driving Miss Daisy, etc). The rich guy meets the poor guy. The poor guy’s blue collar attitude helps the rich guy loosen up and enjoy life. The Rich guy in turn brings financial comfort to the poor guy. Along the way they develop a deep friendship.

This film pulls out all of the clichés but I still found it enjoyable. The acting is good and most of the scenes are downright fun to watch. Heck, the very beginning of the film starts out with a real bang (I won’t spoil it). This is a feel-good film by all accounts so you definitely would leave sad. It is also based on a true story, which perhaps lends it more credibility than if it were a work of fiction.

The acting is very good as well. Not the best ever but believable and earnest.

The movie did leave me wondering though, where are all these needy rich guys coming from? Aren’t there any films about poor people needing care? Are the rich guys hiring poor movie review bloggers? Where do I sign up?

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