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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Bothersome Man - Purgatory Film ? Reviewed Here

Imagine this, you are dropped off in a city where you are given a nice home, a beautiful lover, an easy job and just about basic want in life is satisfied.  Doesn't sound too bad, right?
Now imagine the world is a dulled sensory experience.  The food doesn't taste good, the drinks are not intoxicating, there is no meaning to work and love has little feeling. Everything about this place is bland.

"The Bothersome Man" is set in such a place.  I watched this Norwegian film in  English subtitle.  The main character, Trond, is delivered to this strange, sterile, seemingly content city.  He is quickly given an easy, well paying job, a gorgeous girlfriend to live with, and very pleasant acquaintances.  

Trond soon finds though that all of the pleasures in life are vacuous pleasures.  Everyone is friendly but they have no desire for meaningful friendships.  Work is easy but gives no satisfaction.  Physical relationships are boring.  There are no children. Love serves no purpose.

If you enjoy films that do not give you the answers but let you sort them out for yourself, you may enjoy "The Bothersome Man"   It makes for an interesting debate.  Is this flick about Purgoratory?  Is it a simulated parallel world  (ie The Matrix) ? Is it a social criticism of our own meaningless routines?

I don't know.  The Bothersome Man had me thinking about it for days though.

For you are looking for something a little different and dryly disturbing (a cross between The Matrix and a bleak Twilight Zone episode), then check it out.


Rated R

96 Minutes

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