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Monday, January 2, 2012

War Horse - World War One Film Review

War Horse is a sappy, melodramatic, feel good film that pulls out every obvious cliche to get film goers to buy tickets.

The sound track is big, orchestrated and entirely too contrived as if to say "this is an Oscar worthy film."

All the characters are handsome, chummy and leave their idyllic, small town lifestyles for the horrors of war.

The horses, and there are actually two 'lead' horses 'acting' for much of the film, communicate so tenderly I wasn't sure if Mr Ed was going to show up next or just R2D2 and C3PO.

The sweep of the film was massive and at times felt forced and excessive.

The film is predictable and, inevitably make the audience leave the theater happy in spite of the fact that every single character suffers great loss of friend, pet, loved ones or even their own life.

That said, in spite of all the formulas Steven Spielberg through together to ensure box office success, the film actually works in spite of itself.  I think this is because the actors are so terrific they make this film somehow believable. 

Niels Arestrup and Emily Watson really stand out. Not surprising since these two actors seem to always get everything just right.  Eddie Marsan, who I loved in the film Happy Go Lucky, also makes a brief but solid performance.

All in all I liked the War Horse and was glad I saw it. This film is definitely designed to be a safe bet at the box office.  Every aspect of the film is a tried and proven formula.  While it is something I won't sit up at night thinking much about, it is a fairly safe film for the family and it does have a feel good ending.

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