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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Midnight In Paris Movie Review - Rachel McAdams Owen Wilson

For a while, it seemed every NetFlix DVD I ordered had a trailer for "Midnight in Paris."  This probably explained my impossibly long wait to see this film. It took months for it to be released to me from my DVD queue.

Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson team up again (since Wedding Crashers) as a couple with very different ideas on how to spend their trip to Paris.  She wants to shop and do 'touristy' things while he wants to experience the real romance and history of Paris.

This is whimsical tale to say the least. The year is the present time.  Owen's character, Gil, is a writer. He wants to write a great classic. Walking the streets of Paris alone one night he stumbles across a sort of alternate world in the Parisian past.  Here he meets famous artists Hemingway, Piccasso, Gertrude Stein, Fitzgerald and many others. He loves it. He wants to stay in the past.

The film is easy to watch and doesn't try to make you believe an inch of it. As a viewer you just fall into this tale and go along for the ride.

Owen Wilson is an actor whose style never seems to change but it works.  His mannerisms and personality fit this role.

The film is good fun and not one to be taken too seriously.  If you are a literary buff, you'll really enjoy the film and probably have a better understanding of the personalities behind each artist. If you are not a literary guru, don't worry, the inside-literary-references do not get in the way of the film. If anything, they give this rather goofy Woody Allen tale some unexpected depth.

The film wraps up a little too neatly but don't all fairy tales?

Midnight in Paris is not quite as funny as the trailer makes it out to be. The trailer exploits the best lines to get you to see the film and I fell for the ploy.  I still liked this film.

If you can suspend belief and don't mind Woody Allen-type films, you'll find this movie to be fairly unique, refreshing and occasionally funny.

Check it out.



95 Minutes

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