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Friday, November 11, 2011

Super Bad Film Review - Michael Cera Jonah Hill Are Great

When I finally got around to watching Superbad I was thrilled with this comedy.  I had just recently watched Talladega Nights . Talladega was funny enough to get a positive review.  Superbad gets a rave review.

The plot is simple enough and you've heard it a million times.  Unpopular high school nerds approaching graduation want to get to the big party they don't belong in and meet the girls they yearn for.  To get to the party, they must supply the booze and endure the hardships of doing just that.

Sounds cliche but it really isn't.  The comedy and all its raunchiness doesn't feel particularly contrived and the scenes are really funny. Sure, there are predictable moments in the film but they are so well played out I was only minimally annoyed... and found a great laugh or two in the meantime.

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are a great comedy team.  They pretty much do the old fashioned straight guy , funny guy bit, but it really works.  

The real star of the film is Christopher Mintz-Plasse.  He plays the ultra-nerd. Hapless, dopey, socially awkward, yet he is the only one that is able to obtain the fake ID needed for alcohol. You can image the hilarious possibilities.

Check this film out.  You'll like it.

113 minutes
Rated R

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