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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Everything Must Go Movie Review Will Ferrell

"Everything Must Go" stars Will Ferrell as an alcoholic who loses everything to booze.  He loses his job, wife leaves him and takes his money.

She also locks him out of the house. 

All of his possessions are left on the lawn of his home.  He can't get into the house, so he decides to live outside, in the front yard.

Will Ferrell is terrific as a dramatic actor. He could easily over play the drunk but he underplays it beautifully. This is no "Old School" craziness.  This is a likable man with a problem.

The predictable cliche in this film is Ferrell's character mentoring a young child. It all seemed so improbable but I suppose the script needed a way to give a broken man some redemption.

The film also has a few things I'm glad they left out.  Without spoiling anything for you, let's just say Ferrell's love interests are played out in a believable manner.

There are some funny scenes in the film and moments of darkness. If you liked the film "Stranger Than Fiction" (a terrific flick) you'll enjoy "Everything Must Go"

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