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Monday, November 21, 2011

Strike - Foreign Polish Solidarity Movie Review

I was in the mood to watch a foreign film and found a real gem.  A Polish film called "Strike" struck me as interesting film so I watched it on DVD.  The film is based on the Polish Solidarity union movement.

If you like gritty films. This film is really gritty.  Not especially violent, profane or disturbing but completely gritty.  The film takes place largely within and around a Polish shipbuilding yard.  It is a dirty, rugged, harsh place.  The setting feels absolutely real.

The lead character, Katherina Thalbach, is amazing.  Her despiration, drive, strength and vulnerability come through effortlessly..  She does a terrific acting job among a really good cast.

If you like foreign film you'll love it.  If you've ever worked the long, dirty days in a factory, you'll love it too.  The film gives insight into Solidarity, Polish Communist party politics, factory culture and has some interesting family stories as well.

Check it out.

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