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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pulling John - Best Armwrestling Documentary Movie ? Review

John Brzenk is the best arm wrestler in the world.  Two arm wrestlers, Alexy Voevoda and Travis Bagent, are hungry to defeat Brzenk.

I know little of professional arm wrestling except watching it occasionally as a teenager on Jim McKay's "Wide World of Sports."  Arm wrestling was always presented as a sport where any guy with big biceps could excel .  All brawn, no brains and not much to talk about.    The documentary "Pulling John" really made me take a new interest in the sport.  This film demonstrates that arm wresting is not a world of back-wood dummies. The competitors are dedicated to training and are will to travel great distances to compete. They also understand the strategies to the sport. Strategies that could give small arm wrestler the edge over a much larger competitor.

The film's choice of arm wrestlers to focus on could not have been better.  The personalities of Brezenk, Voevoda and Bagent could not be more different yet complimentary. Each has kind of attitude you could write into a move script.

Bagent is the young, brash and cocky competition.  He has the personality of a pro (think Hulk Hogan) wrestler.  He works constantly on his image and his swagger. He is good. He lets the world know it.

Voevoda is a gentle giant and a powerful one at that.  He is also very quiet and introspective.  The zen athlete of arm wrestling. Likable with a calm intensity.

Brzenk. If you like classy champions, you could not ask for one. He is friendly, low key and lets actions speak for words. He is completely genuine.

The film never lost my attention. 

 Very interesting film.  Check it out.

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