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Monday, August 29, 2011

Monsters - Great Alien Invasion Movie

Monsters is a 2010 film set in modern day USA and Mexico. Aliens (as in from outer space) have occupied part of Mexico and the United States and are constantly attacked by the USA and Mexico military. Travelling on foot, two people are trying to get through the 'infected' zone without being killed by aliens or bombed by the military.

This film great. There is not a lot of action, rather the film takes its own time in a not too slow, not too fast pace.  

What impresses me in this film is how life seems to go on in spite of the alien occupation. This isn't a classic sci-fi shooter. Unlike the movie "Cloverfield", which I loved,  where there is total crisis and lives are disrupted, the Alien-human war in Monsters is going on for years and  virtually taken for granted by by society.  Feels realistic in a way. Maybe this is what happens during long and protracted wars?

The actors, none of whom you'd recognize, are terrific and believable.  

The film was supposedly filmed on virtually no budget, but it doesn't feel cheap at all. It feels like a multi million dollar film without all the pretentious, over reliance on special effects.

Check it out. It is a heck of a flick.

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