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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Come and See - Foreign Artsey War Film Review

Come and See is definitely a movie that I would not want to see over and over again.  Not because the flick is bad. It is actually quite good.  The film though, is very heavy and very depressing.

Come and see is a Russian foreign film (Russian with English subtitles) set during World War Two. The Germans have invaded the Russian republic of Byelorussia and a young Byelorussian joins the army to fight the Nazis.

The film feels utterly nightmarish, in a good way, if that is possible. The scenes of suffering, fear and devastation are sustained and artsy without becoming too embellished. The Russian landscape is a bleak, wet, purgatory. It is as if the landscape is a monster itself, doling out pain and suffering to those who dare survive.

If there was ever a film that could show the atrocities of war without really any battle scenes it is this one.  Saving Private Ryan this film is not. There are brief explosions and gun fire typically followed by long, brilliant scenes of angst.

Come and See is definitely a film to see.  Save it for a night when you are looking for a downer. I have those nights and I suspect some of you do too.


Rated R


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