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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CBGB movie review

A dramady about the very beginnings of the famed rock club CBGB.  The late Alan Rickman in the  lead role as Hilly Krystal the defacto leader of a motley bunch of characters that unwittingly create legendary rock club .

CBGB is very much in the same style as Rickman's other fun to watch film, Bottle Shock about the unlikely but meteoric rise of California wines and the band of characters behind it.

I never thought Rickman would pull off the role of a street smart (or street-dumb) borderline seedy guy but he does. Dirty, unkempt, dishonest and sympathetic.

The film is fun to watch. Passes the time. I could say it takes few chances or leaves you with the impression CBGB was more a 70's pop scene mecca than punk (and maybe it was, I was never there) but it was fun to watch. Don't plan your night around it but if your looking to kill time, check it out

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