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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Impossible – Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts in Tsunami

If you have seen the film “Passion of the Christ” , think of  “The Impossible” as  “Passion of the Christ” meets Tsunami.  The film is that much fun to watch.   Basically, McGregor and Watts star as husband and wife vacationing with their three young children in Southeast Asia when a tsunami hits the island.

Like “Passion of the Christ” this film hurts from the beginning until the end. It hurts so much that at times it almost reminded me of another religious named film I reviewed, “Antichrist” .  Not that The Impossible is a religious film, actually there is no religion at all.  It is just the violence and suffering the characters face from the tidal wave is so constant and severe that I wondered if it was handled too gratuitously in this film.  I wondered this until the end of the film when I learned that this is a true story.

Without ever experiencing a tidal disaster I have to believe that The Impossible perfectly depicts the events and, especially so, the suffering of the victims on that horrible day. In that respect it is a good and unique film.  
If you don’t care for violence or movies that drag your emotions through despair and torment, don’t watch this film.  If you want to learn the fate of the indigenous people who lost their homes during this disasters, don't watch this film, only very affluent vacationers seem to suffer here.

If you want to get a realistic idea of what to expect if you get caught up in, and survive, a tsunami , this is a flick you will want to watch.

I was disappointed more of the aftermath explained at the end of the film. You know, that text that appears before the credits that sum up a film, explain and aftermath, or a ‘what happened to..’ (the characters) ?   Wasn't there and should have been.

Watch at your own risk.

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