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Friday, September 6, 2013

Lincoln Starring Daniel Day Lewis Review

I watched Lincoln last night for the first time on DVD .  I enjoyed it so much that I actually watched the film twice, which is a rare feat to watch the same movie two times consecutively with no other movies watched in between.

Daniel Day Lewis doesn't just act like Lincoln, he embodies him.  Lewis’ reputation as an actor precedes him of course but this might be his best performance yet.  He portrays brilliantly a complex Lincoln. Ol’ Abe was Ingenious, charming, funny and visionary. He’s also a troubled man with one son already dead, war weary, uncertain of future of his country and a difficult marriage.

The costumes and scenery is spot-on perfect.  For those of you who saw the same-period movie “Gettysburg” with its average make up, limited set design and uniforms entirely too clean for a ballet let alone a national conflict, you will not see the same faults repeated in Lincoln.  Lincoln’s scenery is detailed, even brooding at times. The costumes, makeup and hairstyles are wonderfully complex and convincing.

The supporting cast is just incredible.  Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, Hal Holbrock, Sally Fields, just to name a few are perfect.

This is one of those movies where every scene took all of my attention and I loved to give it.  The last time this scene by scene brilliance happened to me was in the movie Goodfellas and There Will Be Blood (another Lewis film).

This is no war film though it is clearly set to the backdrop of war.  Lincoln is a political drama with politics that pan out pretty much as you see it happening today only the stakes are much higher as Lincoln is fighting for the 13th amendment passage to abolish slavery.  

One of the best flicks I’ve seen. Check it out.

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