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Friday, September 21, 2012

Beasts of Southern Wild – Louisiana Bayou Folk Movie

 I have always been interested in films where people live on the fringe of society. Beasts of Southern Wild is a film about a society that lives on a small Louisiana Bayou island that the rest of the world seems to ignore. 

While the island I’ve heard is fictitious, I have no doubt there are modern-day communities just like this one. These people live off the land and seem to have a MacGyver-way of building all of their comforts largely from discarded junk from the nearby coast. It is a primitive lifestyle that is occasionally enhanced, or invaded, from the outside. 

 There is a great hurricane looming and it threatens annihilating the island. Some residents head for shore, others stay put. Their way of life as they know it is threatened and there is some debate as to how to handle all this. 

Beasts of Southern Wild is a very different film. It feels like a documentary but also has some mythological elements. This is a film that will confuse some, while others will love it. 

Before you watch this film, I have a suggestion that will make you enjoy it more. Think of this picture a folk story, which I wholeheartedly believe it is. It has all the feeling of a story that has been passed down from centuries.    If you like films that go off the beaten path, literally and figuratively, check it out.

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