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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jack Kerouac King of Beats – Beatnik Documentary

On The Road, Dharma Bums, Visions of Cody, etc Jack Kerouac wrote books that helped to not only define the Beat Generation in the post World War Two 1950’s but he helped establish an entirely new form of spontaneous writing.

Jack Kerouac’s life is intriguing not just for his success as an author but also for his soul searching adventures and the fascinating Beat Generation authors and artists he surrounded himself with.

The documentary “Jack Kerouac King of Beats” is a documentary that tells Kerouac’s life story. King of Beats is filled with interviews with friends of Kerouac, many of whom are iconic in their own right. Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, William Burroughs, etc all reflect on their past experiences. The interviews are brief but give the audience a great picture of who Kerouac was not only as a writer but as an introspective man trying to find his own focus and voice in life.

This Jack Kerouac documentary is pretty entertaining. The film divides its time between the interviews I mention and a dramatization of Kerouac’s life. This part of the film I really enjoyed. It depicts a grown up Jack moving from place to place, exploring the world with childlike fascination and kindred spirit. Voice overs of his prose and letters describe each scene. It is both fascinating and poetic.

If you have any remote interest in a biography of Kerouac, watch the film “Jack Kerouac King of Beats” You’ll learn just about every significant fact of his life and you’ll be inspired to learn more through his writings.

If you are not a documentary fan or have no interest in the lives of people who go off-the-grid so to speak and live life their own way, this movie is not likely for you.

I included a link to the Amazon site below if you are interested more in this movie.  If not, please check out some of my other review posts.

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