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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Kids Are All Right Film Review - Mark Ruffalo Julianne Moore

"The Kids Are All Right" starts Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore and Annette Bening.   Two teens live with their same-sex mothers (Moore and Bening).  The kids decide to look up their sperm donor father (Ruffalo).  They meet the father and it has an effect on the family.

While their are some gay scenes, this is not a gay film. The film is about a no-so-traditional family facing the same challenges that any other family would face given the same circumstances.  I guess you'd say the film was about family and what could happen when an unexpected relative shows up.

The film is completely devoid of fatuous melodrama and emotion that a lot of "family" films tend to emphasize.  This is a great relief as it really helped the film feel more realistic.   Sure, there are emotions but they ingeniously muted and acted out from within.  When there is love, there isn't all the gushy emotions that make most bystanders sick.  When there is anger there is no screaming in the rainstorm or breaking of glass. It all feels so real, so very well done.

It wasn't until I watched this film that I began to wonder if Mark Ruffalo has ever played a bad role. He is truly acts well without appearing to try very hard at all.  Remember him in the movie "Zodiac" ? Same deal except in "The Kids Are All Right"  he is an immensely likeable, dare even say cool, well-intentioned individual with flaws of his own. 
Bening and Moore as terrific as always as the married couple. They are very convincing as a couple that has been married a long time.  They might not be as attracted to each other, but they still try (with the help of some, eh, interesting DVD's) 

 They are slightly out of touch with their teenage kids, but certainly not hopelessly out of touch. They both have very different views of life but still, for the most part, respect each others role in life.

I really enjoyed this film.  While it definitely does not take itself too seriously, it is not a comedic romp either.  It plays out both seriously and humorously without confusing the audience or making the film look awkward.  It is a nice piece of acting, writing and directing.

Seriously check it out. Excellent film.

106 Minutes
Rated R

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