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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parking Lot The Movie - The Corner Lot VA Documentary

Parking Lot The Movie is a documentary about a working in a parking lot called "The Corner Lot" in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Corner Lot is situated in a college town (University of Virginia) nestled down a back alley behind a row of bars and stores.

What makes The Corner Lot so unique is that is has a history of being staffed by graduate students, teachers and otherwise over-educated intellectuals (and I mean that in a good way). You may have run into folks like this. Think of the scruffy, liberal, well spoken, skateboard types and you'll understand the kind that work here. These are the kinds of folks some conservative types would scoff at but secretly wish they could have a long, deep conversation with.

I love films like this and I loved Parking Lot The Movie. The intellectual characters spend their downtime at the lot philosophizing and engaging in some really creative, intellectual humor. In between, crazy things happen at the lot. Vandalism, packs of drunk college kids, and various forms of class conflict persist.


For example, wealthy drivers often clash with attendants over why they have to pay to use the lot. You sense that the drivers feel as though they can pull one over on the attendants, but the attendants are way too smart (in both intellect and wit)  for these people. Typically drivers wind up paying but resort to berating the attendants, which is problematic at times, since these attendants are the type to let themselves be berated.

This film interviews both past and present attendants of The Corner Lot. As a whole, I really enjoyed the interviews. They that any gig can have a profound impact on how you view others and life in general. By working at the lot, the attendants have carved out a very unique niche in their own history that they will never forget.

This film never dragged and I was sorry to see it end. Smartly done, interesting, great cast of people and it unveiled a few thoughts that I would have never associated with this sort of job.

For more info or to purchase this flick, click link below.

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