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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tron The Original Jeff Bridges David Warner Film

The year was 1982 and I was a video game addict. Atari 2600 and quarter operated video games were my mantra. Ah, those were the days. When “Tron” came out the film really dazzled me. I was a pre-teen back then and wondered if I saw Tron again now, as a grown-up, would I still enjoy the film. 

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a computer programmer that has created some of the world’s most popular video games only to have them stolen by Ed Dillinger (David Warner) in order to hasten Dillinger’s meteoric rise as an unscrupulous CEO.

Flynn continuously hacks into the corporate mainframe computer system that Dillinger controls in order find the proof that Dillinger stole his ideas. In this Sci-Fi world, Flynn does this by hacking programs into the mainframe where these programs take on a human form. The programs are much like soldiers in a video game. They search for clues on behalf of their programmers (or ‘users’) while fighting off similar anti-hacking programs (so to speak) in combat scenarios using various weapons and vehicles.

Eventually Flynn finds himself inserted into this electronic world where he uses his computer programming mastery and video game skills in attempt to survive and find the proof he needs to bring down Dillinger.

In 1982, the special effects of Tron were cutting edge. The vast majority of the film has actors staged on a special effects platform that had never seen before. That, of course, was 1982. Would it still look good now? I was happy that after watching it again over 30 years later, the effects still hold up nicely. The computer imagery is so futuristic in appearance and little replicated by other films over time, that the effects do not feel campy at all. In some ways they dazzle.

There really is no character development in this film. Great acting is not needed here. That said, the acting is solid, uncomplicated and is good and fun to watch. Dillinger, played by David Warner (remember him as the private detective in Titanic?) is the perfect black-hat villain. He is evil, driven and uncomplicated. Warner is the master of this. Insert David Warner as the bad guy in any film and you’ll have yourself a credible villain that is also fun to watch.

Jeff Bridges plays the part with the happy go lucky enthusiasm that reminds me, in a good way, of Harrison Ford’s Hans Solo. Bridges is fun to watch and, honestly, I don’t think he has ever given a bad performance.

As mentioned, this is not a character driven film. You won’t experience and raw emotions, deeply flawed character traits and, trust me, no method-acting is required here. You don’t need it with this film though. The plot is highly unique and the setting is filled with such neon-glory that you don’t need complex characters. Audience members who can let their imagination run wild will really enjoy Tron. It’s a fun film to watch.

To learn more about Tron or watch it for yourself, click on the image below.

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