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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

See The Sea Film Review-Short Movie

A woman is staying at a semi-secluded beach town. She lives alone in her  cottage with her baby. Her husband is away on what I presume is business. A strange hiker asks if she can stay on the cottage property for a few days. You know something is upsetting about this hiker but you aren't sure where all this worry is going to lead.

The hiker is an odd one but over the course of this film you find that the woman is not exactly straight-laced herself. There is something unsettling about both woman. Both seem to lack a certain compassion, yet have small social desires. The odd relationship of these two characters really made me concerned for the safety of the baby. This is an unspectacular baby. The film does not try to make the baby more sympathetic than any other baby. It is just a baby and sympathize with the child simple because it is a child. A child in the middle of two strange bedfellows.

This film almost feels like a dream without the campy blurred edges around the screen. The woman blissfully stays with her baby in this cozy cottage along a quiet beach. Why is she here? How does such a beautiful place attract so few people and what is up with the forest?  The surrounding forest is filled with people pacing in a trance-like state feeding their desires. A ghost filled Sodom and Gomorrah. Who are these people? Where did they come from?

The movie is only 51 minutes long and is the perfect length. It is filled with perfectly underplayed tension. Tension created solely by the subdued, innocent, yet no-so-innocent, conversations between two women with a baby placed in between. There are no chase scenes, shootouts or deadlines. If the film was longer it would need these gimmicks, instead it relies on the long fuse lit by the chance encounter of these two women.

Overall, this is a heck of a short film. Check it out.

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